Thank you for a great 2021 Meeting! 

Congratulations to the Student Award Winners 






Important Information

For oral presentations we have extended the talk submission deadline to Thursday November 4, 2021 8:00 AM PDT. Please ensure that you have uploaded your talk by that time!  

A general email was sent to presenters last week with presentation upload instructions; if you are presenting, you should have received this email. If you did not: a) check your spam folder, b) ask a colleague/peer who is presenting (the oral presentation email is not personalized)



The Short Program for WSN 2021 is available here; a detailed list of talks is available here.

About WSN

The Western Society of Naturalists is a scientific society with a strong focus on ecology, evolution, natural history, and marine biology. Its membership is primarily concentrated on the west coast of North America, though many members have spread far and wide. The main activity of the society is the annual meeting, held in November. Please help us map out the history of the society by placing yourself within the family tree of marine ecology. Questions or comments about the WSN page? Contact the Secretariat.