Best Student Paper

To allay confusion on the part of both students and judges, here are the judging forms that will be used to evaluate posters and presentations. These should provide everyone with an idea of what criteria are important for choosing the winning papers.

Contributed Talks

All contributed talks will take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Presenters will have 15 minutes for oral presentations, which includes 12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for questions. Session chairs will interrupt any presentation exceeding 14.5 minutes in order to remain on schedule.

All laptops hosting presentations will have Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Please be sure that your presentation is compatible with this version of powerpoint. Presenters will NOT be allowed to hook their own computers to the projectors. Digital projectors and microphones will be available for all presentations.

Presenters should bring their presentations to the WSN registration desk on an USB drive no later than the morning of the day during which they will be giving their talk. You can check your presentation when you upload it at the registration desk to verify that everything looks correct, but please do not expect to be able to edit your presentation on the registration computers. Invited symposium speakers should be ready to load their presentations by 7:30 am the morning of their talk; contributed paper talks for afternoon sessions should be uploaded no later than 11:00 am. Contributed paper talks in the Saturday morning session (1030-1200) should be uploaded no later than 8:00 am Saturday. Talks can be uploaded on an earlier day, if you prefer. Presenters will load their talks on laptop computers (Windows) at the registration desk and should ensure that all images, animations, media files, etc are working properly. Consult your schedule for the times that the registration desk is open. Any presenters who have not uploaded their presentation on time will not be included in their scheduled session. Plan ahead and please do not wait until the last minute!

Presenters are strongly encouraged to preview their presentations on a PC before coming to the meeting. Note that presentations created on a Macintosh computer may appear differently on a PC. If your presentation includes video, you must load both the presentation and the video file onto the laptop used in your session.

Contributed Posters

The WSN poster session will commence on Sunday at 9:00 AM. Presenters are requested to put up posters between 8:00 and 8:45 AM so that all posters are on display by 8:45 AM. Posters MUST fit within a 48 inch x 48 inch space. Posters that do not conform to these dimensions may not fit in the space available. Your poster does not have to fill the entire space, and 48 “ x 36” is one common size used for many WSN posters. Rectangular posters can use either a portrait of landscape orientation. Presenters are responsible for placing their own posters and for taking them down at 12:00 PM on Sunday. Stick pins will be provided.

Presenters are requested to stand by their poster to answer questions from 9:00 -11:30 AM. Judging for best student poster will take place throughout that 2.5-hour period, and questions addressed to presenters constitutes one of the criteria on which student posters are judged. Please leave your poster up until 12:00 PM.