The Western Society of Naturalists 102nd Annual Meeting will be held virtually from November 11-14, 2021.

Registration will open soon! The abstract submission deadline is Monday, Oct 4th. You may still register to attend the meeting after that date/time using the registration button below (Registration has not opened yet).

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Registration Fees

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Meeting Information

We are pleased to announce our plan for the 102nd Annual Meeting of the Western Society of Naturalists to be held in person from Thursday November 11 – Sunday November 14, 2021, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Spa in Monterey, California. Our local hosts will be Alison Haupt (CSUMB) and Amanda Kahn (MLML).

We anticipate that the COVID restrictions will ease by November, but it is possible that conditions on the ground will necessitate a virtual meeting. WSN strongly encourages everyone planning to attend the 2021 WSN Meeting in person to have received their final COVID-19 vaccination at least two weeks prior to the start of the meeting and not attend if they develop any cold or flu-like symptoms, regardless of vaccination status. WSN recognizes that social and racial inequities exist in the availability of vaccines and that some WSN members may elect not to receive the vaccine. We will likely require proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID test result to attend the meeting, and we will follow CDC and State of California guidelines for gatherings at the time of the meeting. However, anyone attending the 2021 WSN Meeting in person should do so at their own personal risk. 

Hotel availability has changed allowing us to now host the meeting starting on Thursday November 11 through Sunday November 14. Thursday afternoon will kick off with a student-organized workshop and student mixer. Friday will feature the Student Symposium in the morning, followed by contributed paper sessions, and then the Attitude Adjustment Hour (AAH) Friday evening. Saturday morning will start with plenary talks organized by President Steve Lonhart, followed by contributed paper sessions. Saturday night will feature the WSN dinner, the Presidential address, and entertainment sponsored by the student committee. On Sunday, Nov. 14th, we will start the morning with a breakfast and the Poster Session, and wrap up Sunday afternoon following a special plenary speaker. More scheduling details will be available as the date approaches.

All events will be held in the meeting rooms of the Hyatt. We urge everyone to stay in the meeting hotel, and to make your hotel reservations as early as possible, well before the meeting. In recent years, the reserved block of rooms has sold very quickly and we anticipate that this meeting will be well attended. To reserve your hotel room use this link or call 831-372-1234 (reservation code “G-WSON”). For more information on the hotel, including directions, visit the Hyatt hotel website.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

WSN maintains a strong commitment to reflect and promote the diversity of its membership, and foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community irrespective of such factors including, but not limited to, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, ethnicity, ability, religion, language, nationality, age/career stage, or institution. In 2018, the WSN Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEIC) was officially formed. Its members are Corey Garza (chair), Cheryl Barnes, Jennifer Burnaford, Alexandra Davis, Mike Gil, and Crystal Ng.

DEIC members include students, postdocs, faculty, and other professional researchers and educators who serve ~3 year terms. Thus, there will be some turnover in committee membership every year. If you are interested in joining the DEIC, please contact Corey Garza.

WSN also maintains a meeting Code of Conduct, which formalizes WSN’s commitment to creating an environment in which all attendees can participate without harassment, discrimination, or violence of any type. See the website for details.

Western Society of Naturalists Meeting Code of Conduct

The Western Society of Naturalists (WSN) annual meeting is intended to foster the exchange of scientific ideas, provide participants with an opportunity to present research findings, establish and renew collaborations, facilitate recruitment of students and staff to laboratories and institutions, and to learn, teach, and network with an international community of scientists. WSN is committed to creating an environment in which all attendees can participate without harassment, discrimination, or violence of any type. This Code of Conduct applies to all events at the WSN annual meeting, including all meeting-related activities of participants.

All meeting participants must be treated with respect, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, ethnicity, ability, religion, language, professional status, institution or age. All meeting participants including, but not limited to, members, volunteers, attendees, vendors, exhibitors, contractors, and guests are expected to abide by this WSN Meeting Code of Conduct.

Expected behavior includes (but is not limited to):

  • Treating all participants and meeting facilities with respect and consideration.
  • Communicating openly with respect for others, critiquing ideas rather than individuals.
  • Avoiding personal attacks directed toward others.
  • Respecting the rules and policies of the meeting venue, hotels, WSN contracted facility, or any other venue.
  • Abiding by principles of academic integrity and ethical professional conduct.

Harassment or discrimination by or of any meeting participant or of any type will not be tolerated.

Unacceptable behavior includes (but is not limited to):

  • Behavior that implies or indicates that someone does not belong at the WSN meeting based on any personal characteristic or identity.
  • Any unwanted attention, sexual advances, and comments about appearance.
  • Verbal harassment, including comments, epithets, slurs, threats, and negative stereotyping that are offensive, hostile, disrespectful, or unwelcome.
  • Non-verbal harassment, including actions or distribution, display, or discussion of any written or graphic material toward an individual or group that ridicules, denigrates, insults, belittles, or shows hostility, aversion, or disrespect.
  • Bullying, intimidation, stalking, shaming, and assault.
  • Retaliation for reporting harassment.
  • Reporting an incident in bad faith.

The WSN Secretariat reserves the right to enforce this Code of Conduct in any manner deemed appropriate. Anyone violating the Code of Conduct will first be asked to cease these behaviors. Failure to comply with requests can result in escalating consequences which may include, but are not limited to, (a) expulsion from the meeting, (b) prohibition from future meetings, or (c) revocation of WSN membership.

If you are the subject of unacceptable behavior or have witnessed any such behavior, please immediately notify a member of the WSN Secretariat.

Notification can be done by contacting a member of the WSN Secretariat on-site or via e-mail to