Dear WSN members,

NOTE** Updated Manuscript Submission Date – 17 February, 2020.  NEW DATE so you can enjoy your holiday and plan your manuscript.

We invite the WSN society to publish research papers in a special issue of the journal Ciencias Marinas (CM). The objective of this joint collaboration between WSN and the CM team is to commemorate our society’s 100th meeting by publishing quality works both presented at this year’s annual meeting and performed by the membership at large.

CM is an international, bilingual, peer-reviewed journal that has a strong emphasis on issues reflecting on the complexity of marine sciences, covering topics from a wide range of scientific disciplines. The fact that CM is a fully bilingual (English and Spanish) journal blends well with one of the 2019 WSN symposiums held at the meeting: “Bridges Not Borders: Benefits of Building Across Boundaries”. We, the CM team and WSN, are excited for this collaboration because it is a means of honoring our centennial while bridging language barriers in science communication.

If you are interested in publishing your work in this special issue, here are a few things to know:

  • Manuscripts of research papers or research notes can be submitted
  • Manuscripts must be reports of marine-related research
  • Manuscript submission does not guarantee acceptance for publication because CM is an indexed peer-reviewed journal
  • All submissions will be reviewed by peers working in a field related to the reported research
  • Manuscripts written in English are eligible for submission
  • Translation of manuscripts comes after editorial acceptance (fees apply for translations done by the CM team)
  • CM will not be charging publication fees
  • Deadline for manuscript submission is 17 February 2019 *** NEW DATE so you can enjoy your holidays (and plan your manuscript)
  • Updated submission guidelines are found at
  • Submissions should be made at
  • We are sharing CM’s editorial policies and publication guidelines, which you may find in the two attached files, one containing a full document and the other a summarized version. Submission details and manuscript preparation guidelines are detailed in sections 3 and 4 of the full document. The CM team is happy to answer any questions regarding the submission process via the following emails: and

To commemorate the special issue, the issue cover will include art or photography from a WSN member. We will hold a special issue cover contest that will be open to everyone in the society (no manuscript submission required). The contest winner will have his or her artwork published on the cover of this special issue and transferable translation fees covered (more on this later).

This special issue will provide a space for reporting knowledge stemming from studies performed around the globe and for starting a cross-border collaboration. As this was our centennial meeting, we want to compile an issue full of quality content that will be relevant, thought-provoking, and inclusive. Everyone who attended the meeting is encouraged to participate.  Manuscripts submitted by meeting attendees will be given priority; however, we welcome submissions from the WSN membership at large. If you would like your work to be considered for this special issue, please send us an email at or so we can add your email to the WSN special issue mailing list.


WSN Secretariate and Ciencias Marinas WSN Special Issue team