Friday November 12, morning


Underrepresented Voices in the Environmental Justice Movement

WSN is a place to learn about new and important research taking place. Our attendees conduct research in various locations investigating the impact environmental and biological factors have on species and natural systems. While the results of these studies may be significant, it is important to take a step back and look at the human communities we are impacting through our research. Historically, within the “ivory tower” of academia, we center white voices, at the expense of drowning out others in the process. We will listen to indigenious, queer, and minority voices — people who are typically left out of the conversation — speak about their experiences in the scientific community. This year we will hear from Indigenous Environmental Scientist Wixárika, Ary Sanchez-Amaya, the Associate Director of the California Central Valley River Conservation, Kristan Culbert, and University of California, Berkeley Associate Professor, Michael Mascarenhas. Through this symposium, we will learn how we can work together with these groups, and be more inclusive in our own research.