The David Montgomery Student Travel Fund was established by WSN in order to honor long serving WSN Secretary David H. Montgomery and to encourage student participation in the WSN annual meeting. WSN Student Travel Awards are funded using the proceeds raised each year from the WSN Auction. Because of the limited pool of funds available, WSN Student Travel Awards are made in an attempt to defray the cost of lodging and travel to the annual meeting only.

Instructions for Applying

We are trying a new and hopefully more effective system of allocating society funds for student travel. Funds to support student travel are raised at the banquet auction each year to fund student travel in the following year. To be eligible for travel awards, you must register by September 5th, and we will announce Travel- and Need-based awards to the winners by September 10th. Travel reimbursements for Travel- and Need-based awards will be made after the meeting with proof of travel costs (receipts).

This year we are trying a 3-tiered system, and you will need to indicate your eligibility for each tier when registering. Two of these require submitting a short paragraph (so draft this ahead of time!).

1. First 50 students to register for the meeting travelling a distance of over 300 miles to get to the meeting are eligible for a $50 discount off registration at the time of registration (you will receive a promo code when registering if you qualify).

2. Travel distance based – We will make 2 awards for long-distance travelers ($500 each) from outside the US, Canada or Mexico. To apply, write a short statement (< 250 words) explaining your travel costs and financial need.

3. Need based – These awards are based on financial need and to support students who would benefit most from attending the meeting. These awards are not based on distance travelled. Please submit a short statement (<500 words) explaining your situation. These awards include free registration and $250 reimbursement for travel.