Dear WSN Members:

The Secretariat is soliciting self-nominations from the membership for the inaugural Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEIC). The text of the constitutional article describing the role of the DEIC and the resolution adopted to promote WSN’s diversity, equity, and inclusivity are included below. The first DEIC will develop a mission statement. Note that the constitutional amendment establishes the committee, but is flexible enough to allow the goals and activities of the DEIC to evolve over time.

Given the especially important role of the first DEIC in developing the mission statement, and in setting the foundation for the role of the committee moving forward, we ask members with demonstrable experience working for diversity, equity, and inclusion to self-nominate. The committee will be comprised of graduate students, postdocs, and professional members (both faculty and non-academic), so we encourage members at all career stages to self-nominate. Members are expected to serve for one to three years, with longer terms facilitating continuity, and shorter terms allowing new members to participate more regularly. Self-nominations should include a bullet list demonstrating your track record of DEI-supporting activities, including leadership and/or collaborative roles you have taken therein, and any training completed. Also include a brief statement (300 words or fewer) describing your motivation for serving in this role, and the specific skills, perspectives, and/or qualities you will contribute to the DEIC.

The new committee will appoint their own chair each year, who will serve the committee in a facilitative capacity (i.e., helping organize meeting agendas and ensuring equity in participation), and any other officers as they see fit. We envision that these internal election processes will typically occur at the DEIC in-person meeting at the conference each year. However, to facilitate the launch of this first committee, the Secretariat will help schedule a virtual DEIC meeting before WSN this year (no later than October 2018). Then the newly elected chair will proceed with leading scheduling of the first in-person DEIC meeting at WSN 2018 in Tacoma, Washington. (This is anticipated to occur sometime on Thursday, November 8th, as the meeting opens. The DEIC chair will also be a member of the WSN executive committee, and will represent the DEIC at the Executive Meeting (the first Thursday of the meeting) and the Business Meeting.

Please note that there will be plenty of opportunities to assist with DEI work and implementation, regardless of committee membership. If you would like to help the DEIC directly, please contact members once they are announced.


Please direct your self-nominations to no later than August 20th.

Appointees will be notified by Sept 15th.

WSN strives to be as supportive and inclusive as possible, and the formation of the DEIC is a noteworthy step along this path. Thank you for considering giving your time to support this important effort.


Your WSN Secretariat


Mary O’Connor

Patrick Martone

Chris Harley



WSN Constitution, Article 1 (excerpt): “The society aims to reflect and promote the diversity of its membership, and foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community irrespective of such factors including, but not limited to, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, ethnicity, ability, religion, language, nationality, age/career stage, or institution.


WSN Constitution, Article 12: To facilitate WSN’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Society will form and maintain a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee. The DEI Committee will coordinate activities with the WSN Executive Committee and serve an advisory role by aiding in the development and maintenance of a Meeting Code of Conduct and suggesting activities for the Annual Meeting to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are incorporated throughout the Annual Meeting including programming, leadership, and speakers. The Committee shall consist of a minimum of five WSN members including three WSN non-student members and two WSN student members. Each representative may serve on the committee for one to three years. Nominations for new representatives shall be solicited from the membership by the DEI Committee; the DEI Committee will then present their recommendations to be ratified by the WSN general membership at the annual Business Meeting. A Committee chairperson shall be appointed by the Committee on a rotating basis for a one year term, with the responsibility of representing the DEI Committee at the annual Business Meeting and in communications with other committees. The DEI Committee may also re-elect the Chairperson for additional terms throughout their service on the Committee.

[Article added 19 Nov 2017, at the 98th WSN Annual Meeting, Pasadena, CA]