STUDENTS! We want you to be a part of the WSN Presidential Symposium!

Apply here:

Student Rapporteurs Nomination Deadline: Monday September 25, 2023

The theme of the Presidential Symposium, organized by Dr. Bonnie Becker, is “Reshaping Landscapes: Urban Ecology Paving the Road to Equitable and Sustainable Cities”. We have three exciting speakers confirmed: Dr. Christopher Schell from UC Berkeley, Dr. Nyeema Harris from Yale, and Dr. Eliza Heery from UW Tacoma. 

To keep the 90-minute symposium engaging, we’re planning an interactive session with short panelist lightning talks and a student-panelist “fishbowl“-style discussion. For more information about how we think the session will go, see this document.

We are looking for three student rapporteurs to be a part of the Symposium. We can compensate you by providing complementary student registration for the conference for the three selected rapporteurs! (If you already paid for registration, we can reimburse you.)

What is a rapporteur? Here is what we’re asking you to do:

  • Before the Symposium
    • Participate in one 1-hour planning meeting with the speakers. Give feedback on the session design.
    • Read one key article from each speaker ahead of time.
    • Come prepared with at least one question to ask the panelists. The actual discussion will hopefully flow organically, but just in case, we want to have pre-prepared questions.
  • At the Symposium (11/11 at 8:30 am)
    • Listen closely to the talks at the symposium and think synthetically about interesting questions or reflections for the next section.
    • After the panelists speak, you will be invited on stage with two other students. The six of you will have microphones and will discuss urban ecology, social justice, and the interface between nature and cities. This part of the session will last about 20 minutes.
    • The audience will have a chance to submit questions. They will likely be aimed at the panelists, but they could come to you as well.
    • I might ask you to reflect at the end and tell the audience a few takeaways from the session.
  • After the Symposium
    • Sometimes, a rapporteur is asked to submit a short writing piece after the session. That won’t be necessary (unless you are interested!).
    • Hopefully I will get a chance to take you all out for a meal during the conference!

Please fill out the following form if you are interested in serving in this role. Here is how we will choose three students:

  • Bonnie Becker and the WSN Student Committee will work together to choose the Rapporteurs.
  • We are seeking a diverse group on a number of axes: student level, type of school, demographics, expertise, and experiences.
  • We are interested in learning more about why you want to do this, and what you think you bring to the discussion.

Please know that we are so appreciative of everyone who applies to be a Rapporteur! This is not a competition or an indication of our judgment of you! We think this is a fun and interesting opportunity and genuinely want to open up it up to a broad range of students. Please apply!

Thank you for your interest!
Bonnie Becker
2023 WSN President